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Photographer: Fred Tapia 
Camera: Canon 30D
External Flash: EX 580ll
Location: Almansor Court
Alhambra CA
Event: Return to Caddies
Date: 08-23-2014

Well what happens in Vegas supposedly stays in Vegas. But what happens in the LA Party Scene. Specially if the LA PARTY RADIO crew is there ends up here at The SoCal Party Scene websites. With Chante and Charlie getting all access passes to Return to Caddies you know we were everywhere. And party we did, right along with all that showed up to relive the excitement of what was and still is Caddies. The light show was awesome, the music was to dance none stop and the people were right up to SoCal Party Scene standards. Burt, Cindy, Disco Rudy and the one and only Lady Dee did a great job promoting this event and making it once again a place to have all the fun and party down to your limits. If you have any. Me I have none that is why I am Charlie the Party Scene Party Animal. See you on the flip side and don't get it twisted unless it is a Chante style adventure which in that case the only things that get twisted are body parts. LMFAO Peace out!