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Photographer: Fred Tapia
Cameras: Canon 7D
External Flash: 580 EX II  
Location: El Monte CA

Event: LA Party Radi

Premier Event

Date: 1-17-2015

Well there was no question on my mind of how this event was going to turn out. With the LA Party Radio DJ’s, their street team and the promoters that were involved in putting this event together. The only thing that crossed my mind was were you going to make it. Yup yup yup there were a few that missed this Premier Event that LA Party Radio put together.
Ok, ok so me and Alex Chante always know were and who is making the party scene happen and we are always invited so you know if we where there. It was of the hook. For those that showed you know. For those that missed it, you got it twisted. Big props to all those that had a part in putting this event together. And also HAPPY BIRDTHAY MARIA HERMOSILLO, BOBBY MONTOYA, CAMILLE RODRIGUEZ, OSCAR TORREZ, GREEN EYES JOE. See you on the Flip Side Charlie the SoCal Party Animal.