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Photographer: Fred Tapia 
Camera: Canon 7D
External Flash: EX 580ll
Location: Quiet Canyon
Montebello CA
Event: Freestyle Summer Concert
Date: 08-09-2014

Freestyle Summer Concert at the Quiet Canyon Saturday Aug. 9th.  Trinere, CMB, Shannon, Debbie Deb, Robin S., Crystal Waters and featuring Taylor Dayne. Well you know that Charlie the SoCal Party Scene Animal had to show up to party. With these artists performing and the LA Party Radio DJ's spinning the dance music mixes. We could not or would not miss this event. Specially since we were rolling with Alex Acevez of Chante's Adventure. Comp tickets and full access was ours. So SoCal's Party Scene Charlie the party Animal and Alex Chante had one party adventure on the 9th. We can not show you all the pictures cause some have to stay private but the pictures from the concert are yours to enjoy. So if you hear anything about our adventure remember. As Alex Chante quotes DON"T GET IT TWISTED. See you on the flip side Charlie the party Animal. Peace out.